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"Their office is one of the nicest hearing aid clinics I’ve been in. The staff is friendly and the coffee is delicious. Ken was so patient with me through the whole process. Thoroughly explaining the hearing tests in easy to understand words. The hearing aids I bought are amazing. I hear like I did 40 years ago. I can now join in conversations in noisy restaurants and I no longer feel left out at family gatherings. Thank you so much."
- Betty C.
"I put off getting hearing aids for many years out of fear that the process would be uncomfortable, and that my adjusted hearing would sound unnatural and difficult to understand. My experience with Ken Post at Hearing Remedy proved to be the opposite of my fears and concerns. I have had an easy adjustment to hearing aids, thanks to Ken, and my life has improved dramatically. Thank you Ken!."
- Donna B.
"Ken Post, the owner of Hearing Remedy worked with me to find the best hearing aid possible for my sever hearing loss. His testing equipment was great. My hearing aids are very comfortable and I am now hearing better than I have for years.."
- Frances B.
"Hearing remedy has been more than helpful and gracious to me and finding just the right hearing aids for me."
- Beverly B.
"Finding the right hearing aids is a function of the right combination of the aids themselves, and the person fitting you and making adjustments. I have already been through four different aids. I was at the point where even with the aids I had, I was starting to stop taking phone calls and meeting up with friends in restaurants because the frustration of my poor hearing was overwhelming. I was really fortunate to find Ken Post (the owner of Hearing Remedy) and take his suggestion to get WideX aids. Ken/WideX have vastly improved the quality of my life. My experience with the phone and restaurants and other venues with high ambient noise is significantly better. Of course there are still issues; I’m 70 not 25 and my hearing will never be “young” again. But Ken who really took as much time as I needed to adjust the aids, made a huge difference in my life. I could not recommend him more highly."
- Steve B.

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