10 Reasons to Talk to Us

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Reason #1

Getting you better hearing is a priority

Better hearing will help you reconnect with your loved ones. We are passionate about helping you hear better so you can enjoy the things you love.

Reason #2

We offer you a 60 day money back guarantee

Your satisfaction is so important that we give you a 60 day money back guarantee. If you work with us during your 60 day fine tuning period and are not satisfied with the results, we will return all of the money you paid for your hearing aids.

Reason #3

You don’t want to warehouse your hearing health

Hearing is crucial to following conversations with your loved ones. We are your local hearing experts. Our staff at Hearing Remedy is California state licensed and is well trained in the skills that are required to adjust your hearing instruments to your unique hearing loss.

Reason #4

Our thorough testing process will precisely diagnose your hearing loss

Our better hearing processes include multiple diagnostic examinations that allow us to find the best solution to your hearing difficulties. We will recommend a solution optimized to your lifestyle and unique hearing loss.

Reason #5

Comfortable fitting and customized programming assure positive results. 

The best hearing aids on the market will be a disappointment to you if they are not comfortable or are not properly fine tuned to your hearing loss. It takes our expert staff to properly fit and program your hearing instruments to assure favorable results. We use effective fitting procedures and advanced computerized equipment to skillfully program your hearing aids. In this way you will be able to follow conversations in the most difficult and noisy situations.

Reason #6

We offer you the best and easiest to use hearing aids around

We carry the best hearing aid brands on the market that are very technologically advanced. This may sound complicated, but part of our expertise is in finding easy to use hearing instruments where the high end technology does not get in the way of a simple user experience. The hearing aids we recommend are actually easier to use than hearing aids of the past. The level of automation is truly amazing and the new rechargeable hearing aids make changing batteries every few days a thing of the past.

Reason #7

You get personalized service through our top-notch follow-up care

Personalized service is what you deserve. That service does not stop at your initial fitting. Your first class follow up service includes continuing office visits to be sure you are satisfied that your hearing instruments work properly. We will continue with the office visits until you can follow conversations in all the situations you are in.

Reason #8

Hearing Remedy offers many hearing related products

We have a complete line of accessories and batteries for many brands of hearing aids.

Reason #9

Regularly keep your hearing instruments tuned for optimal performance with our expert maintenance service

As you start out, we instruct you on the best way to care for your hearing instruments, but we want you to know that you can visit us anytime you need for adjustments and cleaning of your hearing aids.

Reason #10

We can adjust and repair many brands of hearing aids

Our office staff can adjust and repair hearing aids and if they need out of office repair, we will do our best to provide a loaner hearing instrument. We use a local repair service so your hearing aids will be fixed quickly.

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