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Why Hearing Remedy Is a Better Resource
Compared to Other Hearing Aid Clinics

The crucial issue for all hearing aids is to adjust them to your unique hearing loss. This takes computer expertise and an analytical mind. Ken has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and he’s been programming computers since 1970. To our knowledge he is the only electrical engineer who programs hearing aids.

We do real world noise adjustments. Most places get your hearing aids working in their quiet office and then send you out into a noisy world.

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Someone can spend a half of an hour on your first adjustment, or they can spend an hour and a half. The results are drastically different. Don’t warehouse your hearing.

We have new hearing aids for all budgets starting at 2 for $1,599 for rechargeable, bluetooth hearing aids.

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Hearing Loss can negatively impact lifestyles of all sorts. It effects our ability to communicate with those around us and our ability carry out tasks or actively participate in our surroundings, whether that be traveling abroad or enjoying a walk outdoors.

The specialists at Hearing Remedy can help you find a hearing solution not only to mitigate your hearing loss but also to fit your active lifestyle. Our ability to hear is imperative to the human experience, whether that be listening to your loved ones talk about their day, hearing the birds chirp in the evening, or enjoying a casual dinner with friends. Hearing Remedy wants to ensure none of these moments are missed.

Get to know our hearing experts and find the best one to help you on your path to better hearing.

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By providing solutions through unparalleled hearing technology and expertise, our clients have been able to regain the control they once lost from their lives. Not only through hearing devices have they been able to improve their quality of life, Hearing Remedy also provides additional services such as counseling on communication in order to redevelop interpersonal relationships.

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Why Choose Hearing Remedy?

  • Better hearing will help you reconnect with your loved ones.
  • We are passionate about providing you with better hearing so you can enjoy the things you love.
  • We will carefully explain to you what kind of hearing loss you have and we will recommend the best options for your unique situation, this way you will be able to select the option that will make you the happiest.
  • There are many options available, but we only recommend the best based on our extensive research.
  • The hearing instruments that you select will be expertly programmed to insure that you will be able to follow conversations in situations that you never dreamed you could hear in again.
  • During our follow up appointments, we will continue to adjust your hearing instruments to work even better.
  • You will be amazed at how many more places you will be able to follow conversations.
  • Your satisfaction is so important that we give you a 60 day money back guarantee. If you work with us during your 60 day fine tuning period and are not satisfied with the results, we will return all of the money you paid.

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When you can clearly hear what others are saying, you will not longer hesitate in participating in the discussion.
It’s much easier to stay connected when you actually hear what is being said.
Work is so much more enjoyable when you can understand all of the conversations. You will naturally do better when you hear better.
Hearing loss is related to reduced memory function and has been shown to increase hospital visits. Better hearing may improve your balance.
Relationships are the key to happiness and joy in life. Better hearing helps us connect so we can live life to the fullest.